Cosmac is a leader in the manufacturing of ceramic, marble and glass processing machines.

Established in 1990, the company developed a sound experience in this field and nowadays it is able to offer to its customers reliable and performing products.

Cosmac has over than 20 years technical experience, what makes it the ideal partner in the manufacturing of customized machines and equipment according to the specific needs of the customers.

Our tile cutting, flanging, forming and grinding machines as well as the machines especially designed for the production of mosaics and handling are the result of a continuous research, aiming to find new applicable solutions for manufacturing and finished products for small, medium and large enterprises.

Cosmac has always drawn its attention on market needs and trends in order to find out new solutions and meet the evolving demand. This is the case, for example, for the following machines:

Cutting machines used to chamfer 'Coast line", 'technical" and 'V-CAP" steps.

All our CE-marked machines are designed and realized directly on site according to the Italian and European standards of safety and quality.

Cosmac equipment requires ordinary maintenance and all the original spare parts and accessories are available in its warehouse, in order to guarantee the maximum of efficiency and reliability.

Furthermore, our specialized technicians offer a qualified support and after sale service in Italy and abroad.

For many years, our best dealers have been the customers who gave us the possibility to grow and gain market shares.

Please, feel free to contact us and we will find the best solution for your company.